Your favourite images subreddit on your desktop

This first version updates your wallpaper periodically to the most popular image reddit’s EarthPorn.

Thanks to for turning the original console application into a more user friendly system tray icon.


Download all WindowsRedditWallpaperUpdater.* files from the latest release to a single folder on your computer.

To run the application execute WindowsRedditWallpaperUpdater.SystemTrayIcon.exe

If you want to automatically run the application at startup, you can use Task Scheduler.

Note: Obviously I should make this more user friendly, like at least zip the files, but I’m going to let you do some work too for now :)


This application runs in the background as an icon in your system tray.

You can skip the current wallpaper by right-clicking the icon and selecting Next Wallpaper.

Choose your favourite subreddits

In the WindowsRedditWallpaperUpdaterSystemTrayIcon.exe.config you can find the location of a .json file in which you can specify a list of reddit RSS feeds.

<add key="rssFeedsFile" value="./RssFeeds.json" />
    "RssFeeds": [
            "Name": "EarthPorn",
            "Url": ""
            "Name": "Wallpapers",
            "Url": ""

Change the refresh interval speed

Open WindowsRedditWallpaperUpdaterSystemTrayIcon.exe.config in a text editor and update the value of refreshIntervalInMinutes:

<add key="refreshIntervalInMinutes" value="60"/>

Behind a proxy

Open WindowsRedditWallpaperUpdaterSystemTrayIcon.exe.config in a text editor and add the following section after configuration:


  <defaultProxy useDefaultCredentials="true" />